Monday, 1 June 2015

Apparently, I Swim Now

When I came to uni, I signed up for a gym membership during freshers week. I had all these ideas about how uni was going to be. After about 2 days of my time tabled classes I realised that between class, course work and working I wouldn't really have much time to actually use it. I went swimming one Tuesday afternoon and really enjoyed it. I said I would go back every Tuesday. But then the next week I was ill and then after that, well that was when the homesickness set in. I was working a job I hated on the weekends and visited my family on Tuesday afternoons. It wasn't the best set up but I much preferred only being able to go home for an afternoon/evening compared to not going at all.

In the second semester things picked up for me.  I got a job in my home town. It meant that I had to travel home every weekend but the train only takes half an hour and I got to see my family/dog and do my washing for free. I started swimming again but going with my friend Kathryn on a Tuesday night. It motivated me to always go even when I didn't feel like it because I didn't want to let her down. Plus she was a lot better at swimming than I was so we always stayed a lot longer than I would have by myself. Swimming makes me feel really good. Afterwards I feel like I've properly worked out without all the pain and the sweating. Plus I always have a great night's sleep after going for a swim.

When my family went on holiday to Arran there was a pool in our hotel. I went swimming every day and it felt really great. I don't think I'll ever be super toned but I definitely feel like it has improved some of my muscles. Especially the ones in my arms and my calves. Now that I'm home for summer I need to find somewhere here to go swimming as our main pool is more of a fun pool with slides and stuff, no where to do proper laps. But I'm already itching to get back to the uni pool!

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