Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OOTD: New Look Coat

Coat - New Look // Top - H&M // Jeans and Shoes - Topshop // Bag - ASOS

Hello everyone! I have fallen in love. In love with a coat. I went shopping the day after my exam results. My results weren't what I wanted so I thought 'screw this, I'm going to go and treat myself to something that makes me feel amazing'. This coat was literally right in front of the door at New Look and as soon as I seen it I knew I'd be buying it. It's not photographing very well but it's actually a monochrome pattern. It just seems grey in these photos! You can see it a little more clearly on the New Look website. I just love the fit of this coat and it makes me feel really sophisticated and cool. I can totally see myself slinking about Edinburgh in this coat going to all my lectures and classes and such.

Speaking of Edinburgh, it's now less that 4 weeks until the big moving day. Oh man it feels so real! I am so so excited and ready to go. If you have any advice posts for moving out/starting university then please leave the link in the description!

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