Monday, 27 January 2014

Lush Haul

Hello everyone. I had some birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to head over to Lush. The shower in my new house isn't too great so we've all been having a lot of baths. So I went into Lush with the intention of buying a few bath bombs.

And I've came out with one bath bomb, a massage bar, a bubbleroon and a cleanser. Does this happen to anyone else in Lush or is it just me?!

I've already reviewed Ultrabland and Lord Of Misrule before so I don't really want to go into too much about them as I don't really have anything to say that I've not already said. But these are two of my favourite products from Lush that I'd happily purchase again and again.

I tried the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon a few months ago and I really liked it. So this time I came back for the Rose Jam bubbleroon. It smells absolutely delicious and rather like erm, rose jam. I can't wait to use this!

I got one of the Tender Is The Night massage bars last year at Valentines and I absolutely loved it. The scent is beautiful. So when I saw that they'd brought it back in a different shape I knew I had to pick it up. It still has the same lovely vanilla-y scent! Full review to come!

What was the last thing you bought from Lush and do you have any recommendations for me? 

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