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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 Review

Whilst I love my DSLR, it's not the most practical camera if you want to take it out and about with you. It takes amazing blog photos but when you're travelling, or trying to take restaurant photos without looking like a massive weirdo it's just heavy and I felt like lugging it around was becoming a chore. I'd decided that I wanted a smaller camera that still took high quality photos. My iPhone 6 worked as a nice substitute but with an 8mp camera there was still a lot of room for improvement. After doing a bit of research I discovered that what I was looking for was a digital compact camera. Luckily for me I've had the opportunity to collaborate with John Lewis who have an amazing range of cameras. I settled on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60* because it had a lot of features that I was interested in. Any photos in this post of the camera itself are taken with my Nikon D3100. Any other photos are taken by the camera itself. 


Monday, 18 July 2016

US Crochet vs UK Crochet Cheat Sheet

One thing that I've wanted to introduce into my blog is more crochet related content. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll already know that I'm a keen crocheter. But I don't really feel like my blog reflects that. One of the first things that I'm bringing in is this cheat sheet/printable to help you differentiate between US and UK crochet terms. If you're learning to crochet then you'll probably have noticed that they're different - which can be really confusing to a beginner! 

When starting a new pattern the easiest way to save yourself any confusion it to check to see if it specifies. Most patterns will state this either at the beginning or right at the end of the pattern. If you're using a physical crochet book, check where it was published. Over time, it becomes easier to spot the difference. Now I can generally tell just by looking at a crocheted item whether it's UK or US based. Despite being Scottish, I actually find the US crochet terms more simple. They make more sense in my head (where is the single crochet in UK crochet?) and because I taught myself online, most of the resources I was using were US based. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Why I Didn't Love New York City

Like most people, I’d always dreamed of going to New York. So when I booked a few days there at the beginning of the year I was ecstatic. 

I arrived at 11am on a Friday afternoon and the day was pretty busy from the get go. The whole day I couldn’t help but have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I just couldn’t quite shake. It wasn’t until I was waiting in a queue, alone, for the Empire State Building that I realised what it was: I was in New York and I wasn’t enjoying it. 

New York is always made out to be such a big deal everywhere. In movies etc it is portrayed as the best place on earth. It had been a dream for so long that I hadn’t even considered that I wouldn’t enjoy myself. I would spend my days eating amazing food, wandering happily between skyscrapers, looking fashionable and having a blast. 



There are a few things that I think contributed to why I didn’t fall madly in love with New York and I’m going to try and explain those.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Going Brunette & A Catch Up

My blog's been very exciting recently. With lots of travel posts from my North American adventure. Buuuut it's been over a month since I got home(how?!) so I guess it's time to write a little update about what I've been up to. One of the most obvious changes is that I've dyed my hair. I'd been dying my hair red for almost two years. And whilst I love it, it just wasn't worth the effort. The upkeep on the roots etc was just a lot of work and the colour faded so quickly. My hair is naturally a dark brown so I've put a dark brown dye over the top, hoping that eventually I can stop dying my hair all together. So far I'm loving having darker hair again - I just think it looks so much healthier! The red is beginning to show through again but hopefully after a few months that it will sort itself out. I'm also maybe going to cut a few inches off my hair. That is if I can get an appointment. My mum's a hairdresser but she's so busy I have to make an appointment with her to get my own hair done!

But what else have I been up to?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

New York City Travel Diary Part 2

If you haven't already read part 1 of my NYC Travel Diary then you can read it here.

When it reached 4pm on the Saturday it was time for my cruise so I headed back to Circle Line. I was booked onto the Landmark Cruise which takes an hour and a half and loops around lower Manhattan. It passes the Statue of Liberty (which I was visiting the next day) and passes under the Brooklyn Bridge. This was the highlight of my time in New York! I've always loved boats and seeing a city from the water is one of my favourite things to do. Especially as it was so hot it was lovely to get out of the sun for a bit and catch a bit of the breeze. The tour guide was really great at pointing out everything and telling little back stories. 

After I finished the tour I made my way over to the Museum of Sex. Honestly it was a bit of let down compared to the Amsterdam equivalent. I got in for free with the New York Pass but I wouldn't pay for it. It's very small and I personally don't think that anything was particularly shocking or unique. There was nothing that you couldn't see anywhere else. There is a room full of inflatable boobs that would have made a good photo but you have to pay extra to get in and only 2 people are allowed in at once so I wouldn't have had anyone to take a photo!

For dinner I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chipotle which was right over the road. I think I caught it at a bad time as it was getting late and the food was quite cold. Generally I wasn't very impressed but it was cheap, filling and I just really needed a sit down. I then walked down to see the Flat Iron Building. I've not included any photos as it was pretty dark by this point! Even though I wasn't planning to go to Top of the Rock that night I walked up to the Rockefeller Centre and booked a time slot to do it the next day. After such a busy day my feet were so sore and I was so happy when I got back up to the Upper West Side and could totally crash!


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New York City Travel Diary Part 1

It's finally time for me to write about my time in New York - the last city on my trip. It feels a little surreal to be saying that because I've dreamed about visiting New York for years. Strange to say I've actually been and seen it all!

I got up really early to get the bus from Boston (I actually didn't hear my alarm over a fan so big thanks to Leda for waking me up so I didn't miss the bus and to her mom for getting us Dunkin' donuts for breakfast xoxoxo) and arrived in New York at 11am. My friend who I was staying with wasn't able to meet me but thankfully his very kind friend came and met me off the bus and chummed me up to his flat so that I didn't get lost. I had a big suitcase and had to take the subway so I'm really glad I didn't have to do that by myself. 
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