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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Crochet Projects

I have a confession to make. I am really, really sick of crocheting elephants. They were a lot of fun at first but then I got so many requests for them that it felt like I was never stopping. I've lost count of how many I've made in total but I'm on my second pack of safety eyes. And they come in packs of 50 pairs so I know that the number is somewhere between 50 and 100. Yup. That's a lot of elephants. So I made the decision to close my Etsy store and just go back to the basics with my crocheting. It's been a nice, welcomed break. It was also part of my 20 before 20 goals to crochet some animals that aren't elephants. Since my elephant break I've completed two new projects. A bunny and a panda. Aren't they adorable? This is just a quick post to show them off a little bit and write little mini reviews of the patterns as well. 

Flopsy Bunny
Pattern Creator: Miss Neriss
Pattern Link: Here

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

September Reading Wrap Up

September has, unsurprisingly, been a really poor reading month for me. It always is as the start of the university year is a really busy time for me. So its to be expected that I'm not really committing a lot of my free time to reading - third year is no joke. I did manage to get two books read which I don't think is terrible and I'm also quite far through a new one too. One of the books I read this month really let me down but I really enjoyed the other...

Martini Henry by Sara Crowe* - This is a new young adult novel about a girl who dreams of being a writer. She's living with her old, ex-rich aunt in her old crumbling manor home. Whilst also trying to sort out her love life and researching the history of the old house. The plot interested me but I have to admit I felt a little let down by the book. I found the characters to be really snobby, weird and unlikeable. There's a point in this book where the main character gets called middle class and she corrects the person and tells them she's upper class. Think that about says it all. I did read this pretty quickly but to be honest it didn't grip me like other young adult novels have and I just feel very lukewarm towards the whole thing. I gave it 2/5 stars.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chaophraya Edinburgh

Chaophraya is a restaurant that is recommended in Edinburgh time and time again but one that I hadn't gotten around to visiting. It promises excellent views over Edinburgh and the castle and some really high quality, authentic Thai food. Chaophraya has been in Edinburgh for a few years now and there are a few other branches in Scotland and England. This is the first time in years that they've launched a new menu and I was very kindly invited along to review. We attended on a Thursday night and I took along my friend Kathryn as a little celebration for finishing our first week of third year. With a glass box dining area offering an amazing view of Edinburgh castle and the rest of the city this restaurant packs a pretty impressive punch when it comes to atmosphere. With lots of amazing authentic decorations, a beautiful salt water fish tank and lots of atmospheric lighting there is a lot to catch your eye. Chaophraya are paying attention to all the little details - everything down to the waiting staff's uniforms are incredibly intricate.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Foundry 39, Edinburgh

Like most UK cities, Edinburgh is really big on burgers. New burger joints are springing up all over town. I've tried a few and definitely have my favourites. I was invited along to Foundry 39 on Queensferry Street by Leda who was invited along to review them for the student newspaper (you can read her review here) and I was excited by its really full menu and really central location. Perfect if you're on Princes Street doing some shopping!

We arrived on a Thursday night and the restaurant/bar was quiet but still had a lovely atmosphere. With mismatched decor and bare light bulbs this place has a really cosy, intimate feel to it. Pairing that with their really in depth cocktail menu and we were off to a great start. Cocktails in Edinburgh can be expensive but personally I'm willing to pay for quality. I started off with a smoked rhubarb and rosemary daiquiri and Leda opted for the watermelon collins. Both such unique flavours! And lovely presentation as well. The cocktail menu was not only extensive but also very unique. 


Thursday, 22 September 2016

What's Your Favourite Harry Potter Book?

I reread the Harry Potter series this summer and that along with the release of The Cursed Child got me thinking about which Harry Potter book is actually my favourite. I love all the books a lot and I'm so glad that I grew up reading them. I've always had a definite favourite - which hasn't changed over the years. But what about the rest? So I thought it would be interesting to write a post about which order I'd  put them in if I had to. I've also recently acquired a copy of the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone which is absolutely beautiful. And for the record I've not included The Cursed Child here as I consider it to be more of an add on than the 'eighth book'. This was really hard to do but I'm pretty firm in my ranking but it would be really interesting to find out what everyone else thinks. 

*May contain spoilers - proceed with caution*


Monday, 19 September 2016

Jeremiah's Taproom, Edinburgh

My old flatmate, Rebecca, has recently moved to Leith. It's an area of Edinburgh that I've not explored very much but it has a good reputation amongst foodies. So when we met for dinner one night I ventured out of my fail-safe Newington comfort zone and down to Jeremiah's Taproom. Rebecca had been a few times before and raved about it so I was really interested to try it out. Located on Elm Row it's right at the top of Leith and actually still really close to the city centre. The menu contains of a lot of burgers and hot dogs but they also have a wide range of sides and a breakfast menu that's served until 5pm on the weekends. With a pretty impressive selection of craft beers and a long cocktail list it's a strong contender as a great food and drink place in Edinburgh. And the biggest plus? Dogs are welcome too.

I know pulled pork is the 'done thing' at the moment and it's absolutely everywhere but I can't help but do a little happy dance when I see it on a menu. So I just had to order the pulled pork burger from the menu - a 6oz beef burger with tomato, lettuce, cheese and some bbq pulled pork on top. It had slid off a little but after I sorted it out this burger was really, really nice. The pulled pork was really tasty and tender - I just wish that there had been a little bit more of it. In fact - if they added a pulled pork sandwich to the menu I think I'd be in heaven. When our food arrived I did think that the portion of fries that came with the food was quite small but actually in the end we were really full and almost struggled to finish. Eyes bigger than my belly it may seem.
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